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Project Name (CIP Reference Number) - Projects Listed by Start Date

North Kansas Avenue Reconstruction (RE1702A) - In Construction

This project replaces the current aging asphalt roadway, from 4th street through to Clear Creek. The benefits from the project include:

  • Improved roadway that requires less maintenance
  • Transfers drainage underground, and adds inlets to ditches which will prevent standing water and increase drainage efficiency
  • Allows the steep ditches along Kansas to become shallower
  • Drainage study shows that this project is expected to bring significant improvements to the immediate area by increasing the efficiency at which water is conveyed out to the Creek.

This project is currently ahead of scheduled completion in February of 2019.

Dallas Salmon Waste Water Treatment Plant Effluent Upgrades (WW1601) - Substantially Complete

This project involves re-routing the plants effluent (discharge) line down North Kansas Avenue through approximately 2,300 feet of box culverts into Clear Creek as opposed to the current open ditch system.

The projects scheduled completion is August 2018. It is ahead of schedule and considered substantially complete as of the end of April 2018 and was completed under budget.

Saint Christopher Avenue Reconstruction (RE1702D) - In Construction

This project is to design and construct improvements to St. Christopher Avenue and includes replacing the existing asphalt roadway with a concrete curb and gutter roadway. It also includes drainage improvements; specifically it replaces the current open ditches with underground culverts and conveys storm water across FM270 at Abilene Street. These enhancements will facilitate a more efficient drainage into Robinson Bayou.

The projects scheduled completion is December 2018, it is currently on schedule.

Genco Canal Vegetation Management (DR1302) - In Construction

This is a short and simple project designed to mitigate the floating vegetation in Genco Canal. Due to high nutrients and carbon dioxide levels in the canal, invasive floating vegetation is allowed to grow prolifically. Contractors are working to kill the existing vegetation and install solar powered, subsurface, air pumps that will increase oxygen levels in the water, which will in turn inhibit new vegetation growth.

The projects scheduled completion is the end of May 2018.

Clear Creek Village Lift Station Relocation (WW1706) - In Construction

This lift station is being relocated due to an interference with TxDOT widening IH-45.

The projects scheduled completion is September 2018.

Butler Longhorn Museum Interior & Exterior Renovation (RE1701) - In Construction

This project is in place in order to restore both interior and exterior elements of the museum. The siding was replaced to repair a long list of leaking areas and the interior is being repaired post Harvey.

The projects projected completion is in 2018.

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Comments or questions?